Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Lets drop (most of) the humor for a moment and go on a trip to truthville.

Fact 1: The blogosphere is huge.

Fact 2: I know some of you are exceptionally eager to get more people to read your posts and like and comment on what you have written.

Fact 3: It feels good to know people agree with you or like your thoughts. What writer wouldn’t want that?

Fact 4: I know, sometimes, some of you think a simple ‘like’ on my post will make me feel good and make me want to check out your blog to see what you’re up to.

It sort of does. Sort of. Maybe.

But let me be brutally honest since we’re in truthville. I am not ashamed to admit that I am not a big shot blogger (yet). By the end of today, I’ll probably have close to 750 total blog views accumulated in almost exactly one month and close to 50 followers. I also got my 100 likes badge yesterday. My greatest number of hits in one day is 64. Most days my number of hits are closer to 20.  That’s not bad, but I’m not exactly going to get any book deals anytime soon either.


My main concern is the value of those likes. If you haven’t read my post, at least half of it, you can’t even begin to know if you like it. Hence, your feedback becomes rubbish and you’ve completely devalued one of my first badges. (Allow yourself to hear a dry, sarcastic “thanks” in a nice mid-western nasally droll.) You are essentially lying, and I don’t like liars.

If you liked my post because you read it, great. If you want to comment, I’ll be over the moon! If you ‘like’ my post because you just want to alert me to your existence, screw you.

No, I didn’t stutter. (Can you even do that in type?)

Screw you.

With the exception of the occasional high traffic time, I can tell when somebody just liked my blog in their blog roll and never bothered to actually read it. I can check my stats, and see that I have not accumulated another single view, and I can disregard your ‘like’.

Who cares if you ‘like’ it? You didn’t even read it.

Just liking my blog won’t send me rushing over to check out what your up to if that’s how you roll. Heck, I’m closer than a wave is to the surf to unfollowing some bloggers because they just followed me back and continually do this.

I have confidence in myself and my writing ability. I’ve been published in real life (not self-published) so many times I can’t count it anymore. I’ve made a living at it (like, paid the bills, put gas in my car, fed myself, etc.). I’ve had real people stop me on the streets or call me up to tell me what they thought of something I wrote. I’m not trying to brag. I’m just trying to impart that I don’t need your ego boosts and I value honest feedback and interactions so much more than a flippant, passing ‘like’.

There are some awesome blogs out there. I hope to be one of them someday, but until that day, I’m content to just have a place to share my more private thoughts, joys, and concerns.

In turn, fellow bloggers, I use the same code of ethics when reading your blogs. I outlined it in my ABOUT page, but I will reiterate it here. If I ‘like’ your blog, I actually read it and I actually like it. I may not have a comment or opinion to add, but I thought that reading your blog was worth the time it took and I am grateful to you for taking the time to write it. I think it was, at the very least, interesting, if not a whole host of other adjectives.

Being currently unemployed (see: Immigration Canada is driving me bonkers) I have lots of free time and I like to spend lots of it reading. I ‘like’ a lot of blogs in one day and I even comment on a few.

Please, make your ‘likes’ mean something for me too. 

Sincerely not a ‘like’ whore,


(After being Freshly Pressed: I was trying to reply to comments but appear to have been blocked. Please don’t be offended if I can’t reply to yours. I did try.)

775 Responses to “Dear Fellow Bloggers,”
  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for the time in truthville. I’m trying to be patient as my blog finds its way to more people, but it’s a weird journey. Anyway, I’m into brutal honesty so I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Congrats on your 100 Likes badge! (especially the Likes from your real readers)

  2. You may be overthinking the likes.
    There’s lots of self-promotion and trickery everywhere in social media, I imagine, and likes represent the absolute minimum investment possible to show any appreciaiton: one click total. I’ll admit I misuse them on occassion, although differently than you described. For lack of a better page marker, likes do the job, so I can come back later. I do try to read everything I can, just as try to do lots and lots of more or less worthy tasks each day. I’d guess that a small fraction of my total likes are like that, but who knows, really? I doubt it matters much, really. I just try to keep plugging, offer some material that people hopefully appreciate, some of it form the book I’m working on, and share what I found others doing. I try to keep it fun because except for some free books, I haven’t made a dime at this gig just yet, and I’m not holding my breath. So I keep it sustainable, which for me means fun, and I don’t sweat the small stuff or think too much about people’s motives out there. Driving myself beserk is no way to achieve these goals, so I mostly spare myself judging other bloggers & readers. Until we figure out how to read minds, you never get valid answers anyway, just guesses. Life is too short for the nonsense and fretting, to me anyway. Take care – Greg

  3. Tim Taylor says:

    Well, 3 years later and here I am posting a comment. Pretty consistent I’d say :) This was well written and I’m presuming that by now you have many more readers and followers. Like you, I don’t much care for a random, fly by night like. I love to engage with my readers and just getting a “like”, in some ways, defeats the purpose for me.

  4. pilch92 says:

    A “like” whore- that is a new one that I have never heard. I do agree with everything you wrote and I did read the whole thing.

  5. Janice Wald says:

    I read the whole thing.

  6. I have felt the same disappointment when my views don’t match the amount of likes on my stats, but then I remind myself that somewhere along the way some busy person did take the time to read a few of my posts. This is pretty sweet because in the blogging world I’m a pretty small speck, but I really do find it amazing that anyone was interested ever. I get that I’m not destined for fame, but It is something I do for myself. It feeds my soul. I also most genuinely enjoy reading as many other posts as possible. G-uno

  7. mariaholm says:

    I agree with you and appreciate honest people

  8. I ‘Liked’ it because I DID like the post :)

  9. sunflower says:

    Reblogged this on orthodoxsunflower and commented:
    I am guilty of this myself sometimes but in my defense,I read the part that’s visible in the reader but sometimes I just don’t have the time but I want to support you with a like. But she has a good point!

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