I need some feedback

If diamond encrusted gold isn't your style, you can be worth a million monster hugs. How rare and valuable is that?! Photo credit: unknown.

Something exciting has happened!

Caitlin over at SpermCheck, has offered me one SpermCheck test for this blog to either be given away in a contest or reviewed and posted on my blog.

Since it takes two to do the baby dance and ensure a viable pregnancy, it makes sense that both partners are checked for infertility issues if there are continuing problems. Afterall, women don’t get pregnant on their own. An inability to become pregnant isn’t always the women’s fault.

The tests check for the number of swimmers in your man’s ejaculate. A test typically costs about $40 and can be bought at many drugstores in the US. If you want to know more about the product click THIS link and it will take you to their very easily navigated website.

I’m not sure what the contest for this nifty product would be yet. I’d have to invent one.

A review would look like all my other reviews. I would write very honestly about my (well, really, The Hubs) experience with the product and put it in a featured post for that day with pictures and then put it on a page in the Reviews and Suggestions page the next day to sit there for as long as people would like to know about it.

So get voting!

I also have some other things to catch up on, but I came down the flu-zilla a couple days ago, which morphed into a heinous sinus infection, and yesterday was the worst of it. I’ve got cotton balls shoved in my ears and such a stash of meds proscribed by the doc, a burglar would think I was geriatric if they broke in and saw them. I’ll try to catch up with comments and award nominations (wee!!!!) as quickly as possible.

9 Responses to “I need some feedback”
  1. changeforbetterme says:

    feel better soon! Drink lots of fluids cus of all the snot….LOL… ;-)

  2. lisa170 says:

    Pinch your nose inbetween your eyes. It will help clear your sinuses and will help with sinus headaches. Fell better soon peaches!

    • Peaches says:

      Thanks Lisa! I can’t pinch that part of my face very well…lol..it’s very flat…almost asian. but I’ll tell The Hubs. He’s got the same gunk.

  3. Ms.Problems says:

    This is exciting.
    Sinus crud is awful. Hope you get well soon ;-)

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