The Natural Laws of Blogging:

Confession: I am not a big-shot blogger. Today's stats page.
  • The amount of posts from your favorite bloggers is directly proportionate to the amount of time you don’t have to read them. When you’re busy and have little time for reading blogs, everybody on your bloggy friends list is posting. When you’re bored and there’s nothing on TV and the house actually vaguely resembles a functional home, nobody is posting. Do you guys realize I rely on you for entertainment!? I don’t think so. You’ve left me with nothing to read many, many times.
  • We all claim we don’t care what the stats page says. We all know that’s a lie too. Of course there’s more important things, but we all check that stats page at least once a day. Who am I kidding? Most of you probably have the android app and check it whenever you have a few minutes to kill. Or is that just me? (Oops…)
  • Titles matter. Still, most of us suck at them (myself included). It’s a problem.
  • The day after you write about a topic, somebody will write about it in an almost identical manner and get Freshly Pressed for it.*

    Confession: I am not a big-shot blogger. Today’s stats page.

  • The post with the most comments is frequently not the post that gets the most views, no matter what it looks like to people who don’t see your stats page.
  • Posts that require lots of time to write, divulge personal experiences, expect a certain level of intellectual on-switching from your readers (not to say they aren’t smart, but they don’t always want to engage so deeply), or those which you are simply most proud of, will be read about five times. Alternately, the posts you simply bang out in ten minutes, picture and citation included, will spike your stats before midnight rolls around.
  • Some of the best bloggers to read are impossible to find and can only be discovered by repeatedly clicking through *other* people’s comments. Unless, of course, they find you first.
  • If you seek it out, you can learn more from blogs than many other forms of media.
  • People will find your blog through the most oddly perverted terms, but trying to play on the internet users’ love of porn will get exactly no more hits.
  • As soon as you confess something you think is quite unique to you, your comments will prove you so, so, so wrong.
  • Right when you think you might give up on blogging and tell yourself it’s actually very impersonal, somebody comments on something you wrote in a way that is so intuitive or insightful that it reaches through the technology that allows the interaction and touches directly on your heart.

*One does not get angry at the Freshly Pressed gods for this because one understands that there are a bajillion blogs out there and at least 1,000 people writing about the same topic in the same way with similar quality. The gods must spread their love around, and, sometimes, blindly throw darts at a board covered with different blogs because the decision making process must be brutal.

25 Responses to “The Natural Laws of Blogging:”
  1. Chatter says:

    I get a kick out of seeing where people are coming in from. Sometimes I try to match the robo spam to a country based on use of grammer. Fun post. I have learned so much from blogging and reading blogs. I read allot of training blogs and motivation blogs, but there are also corners of blogging such as writing and everyday experiences that are very entertaining that earn a few moments of reading. Some I even look forward to Weekends of course kill me. I do not read or post very much, but my box of to-read is flooded by the weekend. Fun post.

    • Peaches says:

      If I wait to the weekend to catch up, I end up missing posts because I subscribe to so many. A couple are newsfood time blogs so they post a few times a day and the good stuff gets lost in between it. I don’t read every single news type posts, but sometimes they have good stuff.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

      • Chatter says:

        I subscribe to allot, I found I can read many of them in my mail and then go back and reply later. I just get busy running a 5k and then riding 20 miles on Saturday and then going to football games on Sunday.

  2. PS, I’m your reader in Taiwan!!

  3. I thought my deep introspective posts were the ones that no one else ever read. Good to know I’m not alone. It is disheartening though to realize that everything we’re writing is being written by someone else, better. I guess none of us are as unique as our parents told us we were :(

    • Peaches says:

      I think we are not alone in that. Love and Lunchmeat commented something similar down below and I’ve had enough posts do that, that I’m pretty sure it’s a regular thing. I still write them sometimes, mainly because I want to, so :P.

      As for the FP thing? I don’t know if the one chosen is always better than all the others out there, but they have to pick one don’t they? They can’t have ten blogs on the same topic up there…even if they are all wonderful.

  4. lisa170 says:

    Your stats page makes my stats page want to cry. I just keep reminding myself that I’m writing for me… nobody has to read it for it to be productive. When I look at you stats page I look at the little map of Aus and go ‘Yay! THATS ME!!!’

    • Peaches says:

      I always know when it’s you :P
      You usually seem to log on right before I go to bed so I see the aussie map turn orange and think “oh, there’s Lisa”. hahaha

      And my stats page? Ignore the big number. Seriously. At least half of that is from being Freshly Pressed and being on the main page for those three days and then after that, I just had a slightly bigger audience. Not huge. I didn’t get hundreds and hundreds of new followers, but I got some and when you post almost every day, it adds up.

      I love your blog Lisa. Dun’worry ’bout it.

  5. The posts I love never get the traction of my silly posts, but those comments will trickle in. More than anything my stats page points out just how sporadic things are in my neck of the woods. Blogging has convinced me that maybe it’s time to try submissions. I don’t necessarily have the ambition to want to make money blogging, but the idea of being published and paid for it is definitely exciting.

    • Peaches says:

      You write beautifully! You should definitely try some submissions. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose favorite posts get mostly “ignored”. Maybe it’s just because we said it so awesomely there’s nothing to add?

      I’ve had days where I got like 80 views and then the next day? Maybe 10. This past week has actually been relatively stable. Odd.

  6. JackieP says:

    Well I check my stats several times a day. It doesn’t get me down or excited. It is what it is. I notice weekends I get less looks and likes. Would seem to be the opposite but it’s not. I don’t worry about getting Freshly Pressed. If I do that would be wonderful. But eh either way. I have a handful of people who seem to comment at every post and that makes me feel like I have an online family. It’s great. Working in retail for many years, blogging is a lot like that to me. You just never know what is going to be hot for readers. Great Post sistah!

    • Peaches says:

      Thanks. Well,,,you’re also busy writing the next great English novel atm :P But before NaNoWriMo, you wrote very insightful posts :) And that’s how it is mostly for me too. A few good bloggy friends who comment frequently…and few others who stop occasionally.

      • JackieP says:

        awww thanks girl. Now all I got to do is get published. ;-)
        I always enjoy reading your posts. You usually make me laugh or smile.

  7. Lately I’ve been checking my stats page less. And when I do, I realize that I need to get back in the game.

    Your laws of blogging, for me at least, are right freakin’ on.

    I had one post where people really, really got into it. It was the one I was most insecure about writing because it was fueled by me being mad at that lady that liked everyone’s posts but never freakin commented. I thought I had hit the magic jackpot of blog-love. I made another post with a whole days’ worth of thinking and researching and consolidating, thinking that everyone was going to have their minds blown with my innate wisdom and charm.

    …and it got nothing. Maybe three comments, a couple of likes by those people that just like everything..and I was so sad.

    Now I realize that I can’t control such things, and need to just keep finding the fun in it for me. That is working out pretty well..just don’t ask what my stats have to say about it. They seem to say “People like reading your blog most in July”.

    • Peaches says:

      That’s about what mine say too, but I was Freshly Pressed that month. I’m pretty sure my stats will ALWAYS say people likED reading your blog in July 2012.

      • That’s one of my fears about being freshly pressed- it’ll make me want to work less hard to beat my current goal of 130-something views in one day…ah, first world problems.

        • Peaches says:

          lol. It makes me want it again. I have to force myself to stop thinking about it as I’m writing. It makes my writing crap if I’m thinking “will the FP people like this?” at the back of my mind. It’s taken a while but I rarely think about it as I’m writing now.

          • that is awesome! I feel like I liked it better when they didn’t change it all so often. There are definite up-sides to changing it so often, but I feel like it just leads to more posts being chosen that seem rather generic or predictable or written for the FP purpose only. I liked yours because it was pretty clear that you had no idea it was going to be pressed in that way. There’s an honest innocence to that that is just not present when someone is writing for the sake of an imagined 100,000 people instead of their small little crew or just for themselves. It’s like the difference between a soap box and a vulnerable place 3,000 miles deep in one’s heart. Some FP posts are of course quite excellent and unexpected, but a lot seem to be cocky and preachy and just ick. That’s just my opinion, though :)

  8. i have a hate hate relationship with my stats and the stats page! re freshly pressed i dont think its fair that some people get freshly pressed more than once! think others should as well

    • Peaches says:

      I’ve only seen a few that had it multiple times and that was usually spread out over years. It would be nice if every writer with a coherent thought and decent enough spelling and grammar at least go a shot though.

      I generally have a good amount of faith in the WordPress peeps. I don’t agree with their every topic choice on a personal level but acknowledge that they are making decisions for a wide variety of people too.

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